Decentralised Currencies

There´s a hell lot of money-talk going on all over the world right now, conserning the aftermaths of the pandemic. And one of these talks will soon be about the standing of the dollar as the global currency.

Today, this role is safed by the fact that the international trade on oil is payed in dollars. The United States preserve this by giving security-garanties to many of the biggest oil-producing countries as well as by controlling the seas of the world.

In the longer run, this will be hard to hold. The losts in the recent wars by the US was not yet enought to ultimately shake faith in it´s power, but the increasing tensions with Saudi-Arabia pointing into another direction. Adding to that, the american rule over the seven seas is challenged in the south china sea and the increasing concentration of maritime-bases around the red sea, together with maritime activities of countries as Turkey showing that this might be the next area where this rule can be challenged.

So, what´s comes after dollar?

In todays multipolar world there shouldn´t be a singular power with the abbility to take active controll over the global monetary system.

The crusial question now is wheter the great powers can work together, directly or indirectly, to built a new monetary system of which they can take control over. Or if the decentralised charakter of todays world will shape a new network under which the currencies will be clamped.

The stage is open!

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