The new America

The new US-president has signed a great deal of new executive orders, with whom he is able to launch new laws without nedding the congress. Adding to that, he attacked allies of Iran in Syria and exacerbated the rhetoric against Russia and China.

Does this sounds familiar to you?

The similarity towards the first weeks of the Trump administration are astonishing. At least in their style of acting there´re more similarities between both of them as one might think. This hasn´t to be a bad thing necessarily, but it shows a new way of politics.

Part of that is caused by the majority-voting system. In most continental eruopean countries, the balance between political groups is looked for to be balanced throught a politic of consensus, while in the US, there is a clear winner in every election. The winner-partie now got the presidency and is trying to implement their visions. This could change just after the next election, and throught this process the balance is held.

That this system, especially in times of great polarisation, can lead to a system in which every president is trying to change the politics of the previous one, is showing up ever ingreasingly. This is also leading to the seamingly paradox situation of president Biden acting similar to president Trump during his first weeks. He has to show his stance on almost every single issue, because continuity can not be preasumptioned automatically.

There might be a new America every few years.

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