A Harbour as a Toy

Eight months have passing since the devastating explosion destroyed the harbour and hole streets of Beirut. Now there are more and more signs of a plan for a new facility, and different actors proved their interest.

Thereby the harbour still lay in an excellent position. Before the explosion, it was one of the biggest in the Mediterranean, called himself the „Gate to the Middle East“ and was the most important supply line for the Lebanon.

A point which might be interesting in the long run is the position of the harbour as a potential western end-point of an Iran-led zone, which stretches from the Hizbollah in Lebanon over Syria, than Iraq and finaly Iran. If the Persians will be able to hold their position, Lebanon would emerges to a „gate to Iran“ or, from the other ancle, the „Gate to Europe“. Momentarily Iran isn´t able to put a bet in this economic race, but with China showing interest, events may lead into a similar direction.

But for Wester Europeans and Russians the facility is as well of great interest, would this mean an access to the geopolitical hotspot Levant. Especially the French have great interest und will probably put much effort to be influential in the region.

Looking at the weakness of Lebanon and the high costs that will be necessary for the rebuilding, it is impossible that no foreign power will build its influence in the country.

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