USA, China, Russia

The lines of conflict between Russia and China are manifold and sometimes very old.

When the USA managed to play out these lines between China and the Soviet Union in the 1970s, the two Asian powers were on the brink of war, mainly over border disputes on the Ussuri. Even though most of these manifold disagreements over border demarcations have now been settled by treaty, there is still a fundamental mistrust between the two states on this point.

In general, Russia must look with concern at her eastern parts of the country, which are huge in area and sparsely populated. China, on the other hand, has a population of just over 90 million in the three provinces of Manchuria alone, the northernmost region of the country. Moreover, the markets of the Russian East are also dominated by Chinese traders.

In order to be able to play off these weak points, however, the USA must also make certain concessions in the direction of Moscow. Crimea and the situation in Ukraine in general are likely to be of particular importance.

At present, however, there is not much in Biden’s foreign policy to suggest that this step is planned. Thus, it is more likely that the strategic and economic relations between Beijing and Moscow will deepen and weaken the position of the US and also the West as a whole.

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