Towards the East?

Lebanon was, for most of its history, oriented towards the West, the Mediterranean and later the european nations. Could it be, that in times of a rising China and an expansionary Iran, the country will change it focuse and looks in the East instead?

Should Iran be capable to fulfill its dream and gonne establish and stabilise the way from Iran to the Mediterranean, through Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, it would herald a new epoche for the land of the cedars.

It could serve as a bridgehead between Iran and the Mediterranean, a fantastic situation in strategic terms. Of course, Iran needs to get back on track economically and would have to build the necessary infrastructure, no easy task given the instability in Iraq and Syria. If they will be able to establish this nonetheless, Lebanon could spread its trading corridor into Central Asia and even China.

But it´s not only Iran that is interested in the country. Turkey is spreading its influence in the Sunnis part of the population, especially in Tripolis, and certainly has an eye on Lebanon given its ambitions to rule the Eastern Mediterranean. Even Russia seems to engage themselves in the struggle for new ports in Beirut and Tripolis.

The next years will be crucial for the question in which direction the country will orient itself in the future.

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