Hariri steps back

Saad Hariri announced his resignation from the position of the designated Minister President of Lebanon after a short talk with President Michel Aoun. Hariri stated that he presented another plan for a new cabinet, while Aoun didn´t agree to it once more. Through this, the country now has neither a government nor a Minister President. Hariri didn´t propose an alternative for himself for that position.

Roughly 24 hours after the announcement, the Lebanese currency fell from 19.400 LL. to some 22.000 LL. per US-Dollar, increasing the burden on the people. Even though there were some protests at different places, the overall situation wasn´t chaotic at all. It seems that large parts of the population just arranged with the crash they´re leading to, an atmosphere of resignation lies all over the country. There might be great protests during the days around 4th of August as the first annual of the fatal Beirut port blast, but otherwise it might just stay calm for some time from now on.

Rumours with different speculations about the reason for Hariris resign are spreading now all over the country. For months, he played openly with that option, without going for it, until yesterday. One aspect many people looking for is the role of Saudi Arabia. Back in 2017, Hariri was captures in a hotel in Ryad during an official visit to the country. Mohammed bin Salman tried to force Hariri to resign, but failed. This week, there was a meeting between the embassadors of France and the US to Lebanon with officials of Saudi Arabia. In this talks, there were no representatives from Lebanon around, even though they „discused the future of the country“. Many understood this as a further decline of Lebanese independency, a theory that is even stronger now.

Macron on the other side wants to hold a new conference about the situation in Lebanon, including many international officials. This is the second conference of this character lead by President Macron. France, as the old colonial power in the region and self proclaimed protecting power of the Christs in that country, feels a special responsibility and involved itself accordingly in the affairs of the country. But success is hard to see in the last couple of months. Instead of a new government, the country only dives deeper into crises every day without beeing anywhere near at the bottom.

Just as the current problems of the country were created in the country itself, the only possible solutions can be find outside of it. There is no force in Lebanon with the abbility to turn the tyre around.

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