Kabul is not the End

While the images from the airport in Kabul are certainly disturbing, the reputation of the United States in free fall, and the West caged in self doubt after 20 years of unnecessary warfare, the bigger picture on the current events can be viewed as much more positive.

After the end of the Cold War, Washington seemed to be taken by a well deserved yet destructive hubris. The “End of History” was visible, and the US was ready to give away their perfect system to the backward people not yet happily missionized.

And was there any better opportunity than 9/11?

While smart strategic thinkers in the US were focused on the rise of China since the early days of our century, politics took off too a 20 years detour.

That tour reached the endpoint now.

But it´s not the end of US-foreign politics.

Just like Europe didn´t fell apart after the fall of Saigon, the Pacific won´t just become a backyard for the Chinese leaders. The US has, finally, reshaped their view and will focus on the Asia-Pacific region, much more than it is doing now already.

Will Biden find the power to carry the US-aircraft through this difficult period of alteration, or will the Empire crash to earth just like that poor guys in Kabul?

We might know the answer soon enough.

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