A World of Scarcity

With the corona pandemic now somewhat under control, the entire world is hoping for a quick recovery of its economy. But while there was a general expectation in the summer that the economic damage would be quickly repaired and the economy would return to growth, this hope is fading in light of the near-global energy and supply chain problems that will keep us busy for some time to come.

From the gas pipelines of Europe to Russia, India and China, to the ports of California’s Pacific coast. Everywhere, reports are piling up about supply bottlenecks, rising transportation and energy costs, and the uncertain future of the logistics industry.

What is astonishing as well as disturbing about this development is the fact that not only do most observers and business people in the industry seem to be quite surprised by it, but also that there is currently no solution in sight for this multitude of problems.

However, beyond all the details, what will almost certainly be ascertained soon is a change in mentality, which will leave its mark particularly in the so-called affluent nations. Whereas most people in these regions were previously accustomed to being able to satisfy the most important material needs of everyday life with relative ease (all that was required was sufficient money), many are now experiencing serious difficulties in this area for the first time. Great Britain is only the most striking example.

The principle of just-in-time delivery, pushed to its peak under Amazon in the Corona Lockdown, has passed its zenith. In the future, most deliveries will take longer, and there will also be cases in which this will not be possible at all. Smooth shopping via the Internet, the supermarket or the monthly bill for the consumption of gas and water will not exist in this form for much longer.

Christmas is not far off, and this year there will be many more people than usual who will try to get a present too late.

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