The Sins of Ottawa

While the whole world is (still) watching the major geopolitical games played in Ukraine, a little country in the north of America tried new forms of semi-totalitarian politics on their own people. Without much notice from the rest of the West. After the death of NATO, the West itself walks at the edge of self-destruction.

After roughly 3 weeks of overwhelmingly peaceful protests, initiated by truck-drivers disagreeing with certain Covid-restrictions forced on them by their government, the rulers in Ottawa decided to declare a state of emergency over the country, for the first time since auch a law has been established in the 1980s.

According to this law, the government is allowed to freeze the bank-accounts of people suspected to participate or support the recent protests. As it stands now, this law will be extended to function without an expiration date. What’s even more shocking is the almost complete absence of any kind of critic or barely mentioning in the western mainstream media. With this attitude played out in Canada, it’s not hard to imagine what might happen in case there will be major protests in the US by the Trumpists camp, even more so in 2025 when presidential elections are knocking and the polls don’t look great for Democrats.

What’s interesting about this development is the increasing willingness by Anglo-American governments to use methods they forced against foreign opponents against their own people. It’s not anymore only the meta-strategy of constant misinformation that separated them from reality in many parts of the world and separated them from huge parts of their own population, not it’s the dehumanising siege by cutting of financial means of their own citizens.

We might witness the day when criminals will be hunted by drone-strikes.

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