The new India

After the end of the Cold War, India, like most other countries in the world, moved closer to the United States after decades of block free politics. Now, as the Russian war in Ukraine may herald the beginning of a new era, the government in New-Delhi recalibrates its strategy.

Ties between India and Russia respectively USSR have been good for most parts of history. As they have limited overlayed geopolitical interests and a similar suspicious relationship with both the West and China (obviously not for Russia at the moment), they share a similar view on global politics. After Russia incorporated Crimea in 2014 India wasn`t concerned in a similar way as the Western nations. With its ongoing conflict about Kashmir, Sikkim and parts of the Himalaya and the imperial foundation of the country itself India understands the Russian polics better then most other countries in the world. And the bilateral business in the military sector even further ties the two countries to each other.

As the West introduced a wave of sanctions against Russia (and its allied Belarus), India hesitated to implement them as well and doesn`t seem to back up on that strategy. As the confrontation between the USA and Russia is dramatically increasing and the world seems to develop ever further from the paradigmas of globalization, India is one of many countries trying to figure out an independent position between the great powers.

As news of today suggest, India is willing to buy more oil and other commodities from Russia for discounted prices. The new India is well on its way to take a stand in global politics.

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