The new India

After the end of the Cold War, India, like most other countries in the world, moved closer to the United States after decades of block free politics. Now, as the Russian war in Ukraine may herald the beginning of a new era, the government in New-Delhi recalibrates its strategy. Ties between India and Russia respectively… Continue reading The new India

The Independent South

While the new era of a second great cold war was initiated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the world is still forming itself in light of this new constellation. While Russia, the northern part of the Eurasian landmass, is fighting in its neighboring country, Europe on the West and the US-allies in the east… Continue reading The Independent South

All Eyes on Beijing

While the war in Ukraine is in full swing, it is becoming increasingly clear that the relationship between the countries of the West and Russia is now in such a desolate state that these states can hardly succeed in resolving the conflict. This, in turn, directs attention to the East, where the People’s Republic of… Continue reading All Eyes on Beijing

A new World Order

In any international system, there are certain rules implemented with the goal to stabilise the inevitable rumble for power between different entities within the system. With the full-blown Russian attack on the Ukraine, our current system, influenced by western thinkers of the enlightenment period, is doomed to failure. The western liberal order under Anglo-American dominance,… Continue reading A new World Order

The Sins of Ottawa

While the whole world is (still) watching the major geopolitical games played in Ukraine, a little country in the north of America tried new forms of semi-totalitarian politics on their own people. Without much notice from the rest of the West. After the death of NATO, the West itself walks at the edge of self-destruction.… Continue reading The Sins of Ottawa

Europe’s open wound

The military of France is leaving Mali, their former colony, giving up more ground on the wide and harsh battle-field of Sahel. With Russian mercenaries still present in the country, the southern flank of Europe is on step further out of control for the European Union. Almost a year ago, in April 2021, the crises… Continue reading Europe’s open wound

The desperate Five

The Anglo-American world of today is in a constant state of hysteria and fear. About China, Covid, Russia, Nord-Stream 2, Trump, it’s a long and quite creative list of all kind of dangers. And it’s increasingly damaging to the power of these once so dominant and prosperous countries.… Continue reading The desperate Five

The Unity of Ukraine

With all the attention of the world being focused on the crises between Ukraine and Russia, the deeper question about the very unity of Ukraine arrises once again. In the last 24 hours, the Russian Duma voted for a proposal for Vladimir Putin to recognise the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk, while the United… Continue reading The Unity of Ukraine

NATO is dead

If there is one thing that the current crisis in and around Ukraine makes clear, it is the complete irrelevance of the NATO alliance, which over the past 30 years has transformed itself from a defensive alliance to a mere instrument of power for the U.S. hegemon. From a German’s point of view, it is… Continue reading NATO is dead

Tehran and Moscow

While the whole world is staring at Ukraine and wondering what will happen next, the Kremlin is also active outside its weak neighbor. One of the most interesting chapters may be the relationship between Russia and Iran, two of the great powers of the Eurasian continent, which are trying to rebalance their always complicated relations.… Continue reading Tehran and Moscow


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