The new Nuclear Alliance

France has joined forces with nine other European countries to push for the expansion of nuclear energy. In view of the current energy crisis, this alliance is thus embarking on a path that is a countermovement to that of Germany. The European Union has acquired new political factions. In 2011, after the nuclear disaster in… Continue reading The new Nuclear Alliance

The Anniversary

This week marked the anniversary of the explosion, which destroyed large parts of Beirut in August 2020. The subsequent demonstrations estimatetly brought up to 1,6 million people on the streets, about one quarter of the country´s population. Much violence wasn´t seen during the protests, the sorrow, pain and resignation overwhelmed.

Hariri steps back

Saad Hariri announced his resignation from the position of the designated Minister President of Lebanon after a short talk with President Michel Aoun. Through this, the country now has neither a government nor a Minister President. Hariri didn´t propose an alternative for himself for that position.