The Independent South

While the new era of a second great cold war was initiated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the world is still forming itself in light of this new constellation. While Russia, the northern part of the Eurasian landmass, is fighting in its neighboring country, Europe on the West and the US-allies in the east… Continue reading The Independent South

Towards the East?

Lebanon was, for most of its history, oriented towards the West, the Mediterranean and later the european nations. Could it be, that in times of a rising China and an expansionary Iran, the country will change it focuse and looks in the East instead? Should Iran be capable to fulfill its dream and gonne establish… Continue reading Towards the East?

The Strategy of maximum Pressure

Under the Trump administration, a strategy of "maximum pressure" was frequently pursued. The concept behind this was to force another party to react in a certain way through various, but almost always economic, measures. This was coupled with Trump's instinctive feel for his counterpart's weak points. Towards the US allies, the approach consisted in particular… Continue reading The Strategy of maximum Pressure