A Colonie – but for whom?

Lebanon can hardly be seen as a full-scale state. To powerful are several militias, too little interest is there from the political and economical elites. Foreign countries taken more and more responsabilities of the state, NGO´s, United Nations and Western nations, neighbors from Arabia, Turkey and Iran. Where will this destruction of the state leads… Continue reading A Colonie – but for whom?

Egypt and Turkey 1: A difficult Relationship

Relations between Turkey and Egypt have been decidedly poor over the past decade. Ideological and geostrategic disputes determined the behaviour of the two regional powers, and there had been no signs of rapprochement for a long time. Now, however, the political environment has changed and the similarity of their interests outweighs their differences. The relationship… Continue reading Egypt and Turkey 1: A difficult Relationship

The Mediterranean steps on the gas

The eastern Mediterranean, the Levant, is one of the oldest cultural regions on earth. Egyptians and Phoenicians, Greeks, Byzantines, Judaism and Christianity all have their roots here. This historical significance has been somewhat lost sight of recently; in the times of the Cold War, the focus was on other areas, and only the eternal battle… Continue reading The Mediterranean steps on the gas

A historical omission?

Are the Arabs missing an opportunity they have been waiting for for centuries? A few ages have passed since the Arab caliphates were global centres of power. They were succeeded by the Ottomans, who dominated Middle Eastern politics for centuries, sometimes in competition with the Safavids. This was followed by the rule of the European… Continue reading A historical omission?