The Model Pupils under Pressure

The successes were astounding; the world sometimes looked enviously and sometimes ignorantly at the nations of Asia, especially those of the East and the Southeast. After the experience of various pandemics, swine flu, Sars and Mers, these countries were able to achieve considerable successes and show the West in particular its shortcomings. Now, however, they… Continue reading The Model Pupils under Pressure

Merkel’s Successor

The moment Angela Merkel announced her resignation as party leader of the CDU, a number of politicians put themselves in position to aspire to the post, and with it, of course, the chancellorship. Five candidates stood out, Ursula von der Leyen, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Friedrich Merz, Markus Söder (for the CSU) and, of course, the Union's… Continue reading Merkel’s Successor

Against Europe – For Freedom?

When nationalism gained importance as an ideology in the 19th century, many of its representatives saw themselves as fighters for freedom. The starting point was the aristocratic Europe of hereditary monarchies, combined with the remnants of feudal rule and the triumph of capitalism. The aristocrats were not overly tied to their nation or the people.… Continue reading Against Europe – For Freedom?