The new Nuclear Alliance

France has joined forces with nine other European countries to push for the expansion of nuclear energy. In view of the current energy crisis, this alliance is thus embarking on a path that is a countermovement to that of Germany. The European Union has acquired new political factions. In 2011, after the nuclear disaster in… Continue reading The new Nuclear Alliance

A Colonie – but for whom?

Lebanon can hardly be seen as a full-scale state. To powerful are several militias, too little interest is there from the political and economical elites. Foreign countries taken more and more responsabilities of the state, NGO´s, United Nations and Western nations, neighbors from Arabia, Turkey and Iran. Where will this destruction of the state leads… Continue reading A Colonie – but for whom?

Digital Unity

The French and German finance ministers had to answer questions in a major newspaper interview. They talked a lot, but often failed to give concrete answers. The topics of the talks revolved around the EU's Corona reconstruction measures, the plans for a global minimum tax, especially for large corporations, and the general outlook for the… Continue reading Digital Unity

5 years of solitude

While Germany is heading for another government-in-waiting, the problems in France are weighted entirely differently. When Macron was appointed President of the Republic in 2017, a general sense of relief could be heard. Fortunately, not Le Pen! The new president immediately exuded a spirit of optimism, he set about reforms, wanted to renew the European… Continue reading 5 years of solitude

A forum of friendship

About a month ago, the so-called Philia Forum was held in Athens. Besides the host, representatives of Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt were present, and a French colleague was connected via livestream. The dominant theme was probably not the philia, the friendship, but rather the country that is now perceived… Continue reading A forum of friendship