A Colonie – but for whom?

Lebanon can hardly be seen as a full-scale state. To powerful are several militias, too little interest is there from the political and economical elites. Foreign countries taken more and more responsabilities of the state, NGO´s, United Nations and Western nations, neighbors from Arabia, Turkey and Iran. Where will this destruction of the state leads… Continue reading A Colonie – but for whom?

Escalation in Israel – a Self-Examination

The situation in Israel, as you will have noticed, is decidedly explosive at the moment. Hamas is firing rockets into Israeli territory, the Israeli Air Force is bombing homes in the Gaza Strip, and the country's Jewish-Israeli and Arab-Israeli populations are increasingly turning on each other. What really strikes me about this development is the… Continue reading Escalation in Israel – a Self-Examination

Riots in Jerusalem

Towards the end of Ramadan, there have been repeated riots in East Jerusalem in recent days. In addition to local failures on the part of the authorities, longer-term and more extensive developments have also contributed to the current escalation. First of all, the fundamental political constellations naturally stand in the way of peaceful coexistence between… Continue reading Riots in Jerusalem

The Price of Rapprochement

The US under President Joe Biden is currently trying to reach a new agreement with Iran and the other countries involved in the previous so-called Iran Agreement. This is causing a number of geopolitical shifts across the region and also some problems for the US. Some of the US's closest allies during the Trump administration… Continue reading The Price of Rapprochement

Lebanon expands its maritime borders

Lebanese President Hassan Diab has signed a decree under which the Lebanese state claims an additional 1,430 square kilometres of the Mediterranean Sea. These are in the maritime border area with Israel, with which the country is in dispute regarding their maritime borders. Extensive natural gas deposits have been found in the eastern Mediterranean in… Continue reading Lebanon expands its maritime borders