The Price of Rapprochement

The US under President Joe Biden is currently trying to reach a new agreement with Iran and the other countries involved in the previous so-called Iran Agreement. This is causing a number of geopolitical shifts across the region and also some problems for the US. Some of the US's closest allies during the Trump administration… Continue reading The Price of Rapprochement

Quo Vadis, Saudi Arabia?

Mohammed bin Salman, defence minister, deputy prime minister, crown prince and designated successor to the king, currently finds himself in a complicated situation. On the one hand, there is the unfavourable geopolitical starting position, with the great rival Iran, which has been able to expand its positions in a number of Arab states in the… Continue reading Quo Vadis, Saudi Arabia?

A forum of friendship

About a month ago, the so-called Philia Forum was held in Athens. Besides the host, representatives of Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt were present, and a French colleague was connected via livestream. The dominant theme was probably not the philia, the friendship, but rather the country that is now perceived… Continue reading A forum of friendship