Towards the East?

Lebanon was, for most of its history, oriented towards the West, the Mediterranean and later the european nations. Could it be, that in times of a rising China and an expansionary Iran, the country will change it focuse and looks in the East instead? Should Iran be capable to fulfill its dream and gonne establish… Continue reading Towards the East?

Two States in one

Who ever had the opportunity to travel to the Beqaa Valley, like I had today, will soon have realised just how difficult it is to hold control over a state like Lebanon. The coast of Lebanon has always been a place to trade and exchange between different countries and empires. Tyros, Saida, Byblos or Tripolis… Continue reading Two States in one

A document of fainting power

At a donor conference of the European Union and the United Nations, Germany has pledged a total of 1.7 billion euros in aid for Syrians. This is to be handed over either directly to Syria's poor population via non-governmental organisations or to neighbouring countries hosting refugees from the civil war country. However, it seems somewhat… Continue reading A document of fainting power

The Mediterranean steps on the gas

The eastern Mediterranean, the Levant, is one of the oldest cultural regions on earth. Egyptians and Phoenicians, Greeks, Byzantines, Judaism and Christianity all have their roots here. This historical significance has been somewhat lost sight of recently; in the times of the Cold War, the focus was on other areas, and only the eternal battle… Continue reading The Mediterranean steps on the gas