The Independent South

While the new era of a second great cold war was initiated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the world is still forming itself in light of this new constellation. While Russia, the northern part of the Eurasian landmass, is fighting in its neighboring country, Europe on the West and the US-allies in the east… Continue reading The Independent South

A Colonie – but for whom?

Lebanon can hardly be seen as a full-scale state. To powerful are several militias, too little interest is there from the political and economical elites. Foreign countries taken more and more responsabilities of the state, NGO´s, United Nations and Western nations, neighbors from Arabia, Turkey and Iran. Where will this destruction of the state leads… Continue reading A Colonie – but for whom?

Towards the East?

Lebanon was, for most of its history, oriented towards the West, the Mediterranean and later the european nations. Could it be, that in times of a rising China and an expansionary Iran, the country will change it focuse and looks in the East instead? Should Iran be capable to fulfill its dream and gonne establish… Continue reading Towards the East?

Egypt and Turkey 1: A difficult Relationship

Relations between Turkey and Egypt have been decidedly poor over the past decade. Ideological and geostrategic disputes determined the behaviour of the two regional powers, and there had been no signs of rapprochement for a long time. Now, however, the political environment has changed and the similarity of their interests outweighs their differences. The relationship… Continue reading Egypt and Turkey 1: A difficult Relationship

The Price of Rapprochement

The US under President Joe Biden is currently trying to reach a new agreement with Iran and the other countries involved in the previous so-called Iran Agreement. This is causing a number of geopolitical shifts across the region and also some problems for the US. Some of the US's closest allies during the Trump administration… Continue reading The Price of Rapprochement

Turkey and EU (2)

Rarely has an „äh“ caused that much of attention. And the fact that this had to do with a chair and a sofa, makes that affair even more bizarre. Despide her wondering concerning the turkish interpretation of the diplomatic protocol, Ursula von der Leyen gave an eloquent description of todays relation between Turkey and the… Continue reading Turkey and EU (2)