The new Inflation

The economic crisis triggered by Corona is currently affecting every country in the world. Surprisingly, however, the countermeasures that the states are applying always seem to be the same: printing a lot of money. In the Eurozone, this approach is reflected in the fact that the amount of money in circulation has increased by about… Continue reading The new Inflation

The Price of Rapprochement

The US under President Joe Biden is currently trying to reach a new agreement with Iran and the other countries involved in the previous so-called Iran Agreement. This is causing a number of geopolitical shifts across the region and also some problems for the US. Some of the US's closest allies during the Trump administration… Continue reading The Price of Rapprochement

The Strategy of maximum Pressure

Under the Trump administration, a strategy of "maximum pressure" was frequently pursued. The concept behind this was to force another party to react in a certain way through various, but almost always economic, measures. This was coupled with Trump's instinctive feel for his counterpart's weak points. Towards the US allies, the approach consisted in particular… Continue reading The Strategy of maximum Pressure