The State or not the State

The Corona-crises lead to a better understanding for all people of the world towards their respective states. Whether one is sceptical, positive-minded, indifferent or enemy-minded against it, in sight of the global struggle towards the same problem everyone who thinks politically show be more aware of his position than before. With this we will enter a period of global struggling with this topic, each country in its own way.

The possibilities for states to control its people are greater than ever before in history. Spionage is potencially everywhere, and with KI and digital currencies this goes even further. But, and especially since Corona, there are many people who try to break out of this mechanisms and get some form of individual autarkie. At the moment there´is a race between both sites, Corona pulled this to the public and let the fronts be formed, while the ever expanding digitalisation will be the last piece of the puzzle for years of public unrest to come.

As long as there is no all-in war between the great powers, which is possible and would tilt the scale towards the state, our decade will be shaped by inner-state conflicts. Thereby almost no country will be excluded and surely non of the three major powers and the European Union.

To maintain inner stability will be top priority for all states on earth.

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