When the Calls fade

In sight of an everworsening situation in the country of cedars, calls for state intervention are increasing. Not only for money or food, but for the shelter of the military. That on the other side is now provided by foreign countries. With money and food.

Explosive Atmosphere

After riots in a pharmacy in the northern city of Tripolis, local pharmacists called for politics and military to send soldiers to keep control over the situation. And they are not the only one these days.

Petrol stations called for soldiers at their shops as well. Fuel is really rare at the moment in Lebanon, which often leads to kilometers of traffic jam at highways and chaos in the cities. Several cases of heavy disputes were reported from all over the country.

The Fear of a new War in Lebanon

The military finds itself in a rather difficult position. In the multiconfessionel, multiethnic country the military is one of the few, if not the only important acteur of lebanese society that is accepted all over the country.

Lately problems took over opportunities. As other people in the country, the staff and their families suffer from horrendous inflation. The fear, that soldiers might turn over to better suited militias is ingreasing.

International Politics – and Food

After France, together with Italy and UNO, hold a conferenz to help Lebanon, a number of states acted and gave or promised different forms of help for the country.

The newest in the club is the gulf state Qatar. It wants to provide 70 tons of food per month for staff of the military. This is part of a political strategy, as the view of an even stronger Hezbollah puts fears into the heads of many leaders in the region.

And the People of Lebanon?

They won´t have any other chance than adapting to the all new situations in their home country. Even though there are many aid efforts from foreign countries for them, hungry and revolting masses are less of a threat than an even more armed Hezbollah. If the military will guarding petrol stations and pharmacies, some might not wait much longer until they will try to enforce their rights with force. Against well-fed soldiers.

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